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What are Hybrid Dentures?

A hybrid denture is a type of implanted denture designed to improve the support and strength of your dentures. Like removable dentures, hybrids sit on top of the teeth and gums, they are secured with screws to the dental implant and cannot be removed without the help of an implant dentist.

The difference between Hybrid Dentures and detachable dentures

Traditional dentures offer you the ability to speak, eat, and smile comfortably, but they have some drawbacks.


For example, they must be removed and cleaned regularly, and you may need adhesive, which can be messy. 

Because hybrid dentures are screwed in directly to dental implants, they offer better support. While other dentures can become loose or dislodged during normal activities such as talking or eating.


Messy creams and adhesives are not needed to secure hybrid dentures in place. Gum irritation is eliminated, as is denture slipping, and the bite strength is increased, allowing for an increased option of foods.

Since this is the procedure, you do not have to be afraid, our doctors are specialized and take the necessary care so that you do not feel the slightest pain and also to ensure an excellent result.

How hybrid dentures work?

Hybrid dentures work similarly to dental implants, but replacing each tooth with an individual dental implant can be prohibitively expensive. Weplace from four to eight posts in your gums, that can be placed at the same time, and it’s far less costly than individual implants, this post fuse with your jawbone helping your jawbone stay healthy by stimulating it the way your natural tooth roots would.

Once the posts are affixed, your dentist uses them to support a row of prosthetic teeth dentures. The dentures are secured to the posts, and you can return to your normal life. 

  1. Mandibular impressions are made for the laboratory to provide the right size for the metal fixtures before the surgery is performed. 

  2. Then, they are anchored to the tooth space through, at least, 4 to 8 previously placed dental implants.

  3. The hybrid dental prosthesis is screwed, obtaining complete fixation which provides the patients with confidence through a fixed denture that allows them to chew everything without any fear

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