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HYBRID DENTURE is a treatment that, like other conventional dentures, replaces dental pieces that are excessively worn or damaged by diseases such as cavities or periodontitis, in order to provide the patient with maximum functioning capacity in its repetitive masticatory process. The prosthesis or hybrid denture is used to fully restore either, one or both mandibular arches of the patient.

How are hybrid dentures made and placed?

  • Mandibular impressions are made for the laboratory to provide the right size for the metal fixtures before the surgery is performed.

  • Then, they are anchored to the tooth space through, at least, 4 to 6 previously placed dental implants.

  • The hybrid dental prosthesis is screwed, obtaining complete fixation which provides the patients with confidence through a fixed denture that allows them to chew everything without any fear.

Advantages over conventional dentures:

It is, of course, the best way to restore the patient’s self-confidence. Unlike conventional dentures (removable), hybrid dental prostheses are permanently fixed to these patients’ arches, providing the highest dental functionality in processes such as eating and also achieving maximum aesthetics, by recovering the natural look on their teeth, and maximum comfort by avoiding the necessity of special care to keep the denture or remove it from the oral cavity.

Cleaning and maintenance of the hybrid denture

A hybrid denture fixed with implants requires a periodic examination every 6 to 12 months. In a normal procedure, the odontologist would carefully remove the artificial hybrid to clean all nooks and crannies thoroughly from remains that may have stuck in them during this period of time. Besides this periodic visit to the dentist, hybrid dentures do not require any more care than your natural teeth, in other words, daily dental brushing, flossing, interproximal brushing, water jet irrigation, and mouthwashes with fluor. All these, in order to prevent any diseases. In these cases, keeping your gums healthy is a high priority.

Our professionalism guarantees your health and comfort!

In Dr. Omar Sanchez Dental Group, we work with the best dental laboratories of the region to adapt hybrid dentures to the needs of our patients. Even though the cost of hybrid dentures may be higher than conventional removable dentures, it is worth considering it as an option. It is a system that is highly recommended by dentists worldwide since it provides much security to the patient, it restores their self-confidence because of its natural look, and it is also much more comfortable. If you need a hybrid denture and would like to improve your mastication, your comfort, and your smile, contact us today and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. It will be a great pleasure for our team to assist and guide you through this process. Don’t forget to follow us to be updated on details of dental treatments that will help you improve your oral health and your smile!

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  • Foto del escritorDr. Omar Sanchez Dental Group

Dr. Omar Sanchez Dental Group is recognized by the quality of work, honest relationships with our patients, our tailored treatments, and our friendly customer care! Let’s introduce Arnie Long, we have been treating him and his family for over 6 years! They come from Colorado and despite it being a long trip (sometimes by car and others by plane), every mile has been worth it because of the amount of money they have saved in their dental treatments. Recently we interviewed Mr. Long to share his experience at our clinic.

- My name is Arnie Long. I live in Loveland, Colorado, about 1,800 miles from Los Algodones. We've been coming here to Dr. Omar Sánchez Dental Group, for about 6 years. We first began going to a Dentist in Puerto Peñasco, and one time, we were coming back from there about six or seven years ago, following so many digits here. We thought, well, they do more here than what we get in Puerto Penasco because they do a lot more at this clinic. Implants were things we were going to need in the future, so we called around some of our older friends. Since a great number of Canadians come to Mexico we listened to their experiences and what to look for. That's how we came to find Dr. Omar. My wife was in a pharmacy and she asked about this clinic next door, and it happened to be Dr. Omar Sanchez. When I met Dr. Omar, he did a dental cleaning and other simple procedures. Eventually we started coming every year.

One time, we brought all our children and we rented a house in Yuma for a week. We had our children and grandchildren come with Dr. Omar. Since then, both my son’s, my wife's aunt have come, and a couple of other people who live in Loveland, come as well. I have referred at least four people from Colorado to Dr. Omar.

We have always been satisfied with the work. It is excellent!

Otherwise, we wouldn't come that far, but also the incentive is it's about 70% cheaper than the United States.

As we are getting older we can have implants for an affordable price, instead of not being able to have implants or they are at a higher cost.

I believe I’ve had six or seven implants because I want to save my teeth, keep my jaws from moving or having tooth extractions. The experience has been very good; we couldn't have done it otherwise without a price difference and also the excellent work.

I'm amazed at how they do it here compared to the dental procedures I’ve had in the United States and Dr. Omar has been very honest with me.

There was a time where we had experience in the U.S., with my daughter when she was 16 years old. We took her into the clinic and they said she had six cavities, right away we thought, “oh, we're going to Mexico.”

We took her to Dr. Omar Sanchez Dental Group and she came back with no cavities.

There was another time where I had to go to the dentist in the United States and they extracted one of my crowns, cleaned my teeth, and then they said I had to get an implant because they could not replace it. So I told my wife, you know what, something doesn't sound right with this. I said,

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