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Dr. Omar Sanchez Dental Group is located in the Dental Capital of the world: Los Algodones, Mexico. Known by many as "Molar City" or "Dental Town" due to the high-quality dental service and its affordable prices, its been a popular spot for dental tourists for several years. Most of our visitors are elder citizens from the US  and Canada , that come settle during the winter in cities like Yumma and Winterhaven where the cold is less harsh. Our dental office is located near the US-Mexico border, so take advantage and get professional dental work for about 65%-75% less than in the US and Canada!

About Us

To satisfy the expectations of our patients, giving dental solutions and offering the highest quality and aesthetics in our treatments.


We are working hard to be the best Dental option for you in the region.


We provide excellent dental solutions to our patients. Here are some services we are ready to provide​.

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If you have any questions or need more information, our professional team is ready to help you.

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Patient Testimonials
We are recognized by the quality of our work, an honest relationship with our patients, our tailored treatments, and our friendly customer care! This is Arnie Long, we've been treating him and his whole family for over 6 years!

They come all the way from Colorado and despite it being a long trip (sometimes by others ), every mile has been worth it due to how much money they have saved in their dental treatment.

He says that ever since he started his treatment at Dr Omar Sánchez Dental Group he has saved over 70% in Dental Care, without sacrificing any of the quality, which has been recognized by family, friends, and even dental professionals from the United States!

Thank you Arnie Long for sharing your experience with our followers and people that want to get great dental work for a better price at Dr. Omar Sánchez Dental Group!

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